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A wind farm at sunrise in Millicent, South Australia.
Australia's 'climate change' election was a shock to the country's political system. The Liberals, a party characterised by climate denialists and coal fans, have made way for Labor, which is under pressure to take aggressive climate action to make up for lost time.
S–Ray ESG ratings (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
603217 Yuanli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Class A 4.83%
ADRO PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk 4.11%
4732 USS Co., Ltd. 3.30%
51600 KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co., Ltd 2.37%
3382 Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd. 2.17%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
AP AP (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd. -13.03%
586 China Conch Venture Holdings Ltd. -10.49%
6474 Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. -9.88%
PTG PTG Energy Public Co. Ltd. -3.69%
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Indian wheat farmer
Scorching weather is hurting the wheat crop in India, which is pinching a global supply already under strain from the Ukraine war. The heatwave is a warning for India’s agricultural sector to adapt quickly to climate impacts, experts say.


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Why deep sea mining is dangerous: Less than 1 per cent of the deep-sea floor has ever been seen by human eyes or with the camera. That means that for huge portions of our planet, we cannot answer that extremely basic question of what lives there.


Social Media Hub of ECI
The prospect of freeing India from the grip of big social media platforms is alluring, but an embrace of local start-ups comes with its own risks.

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Margilyn Cosmiano- fish seller
More men than women have bank accounts in the Philippines. But a growing trend of females running small businesses in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao show that this gap could narrow.
Women sift sand, hunting for tiny plastic pellets and other debris still washing ashore since the sinking of the X-Press Pearl, a vessel containing chemicals and plastics, in May 2021 off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Six months after the sinking of the Singapore-flagged X-Press Pearl off the coast of Colombo, local communities are trying to recover from one of the worst maritime disasters in history.
22 ways lead image
Trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is often fraught with controversy, contradiction and hypocrisy, and tackling big problems like climate change and social inequality can seem futile. But there are some things you can do to make a difference in the Year of the Tiger. Here are 22 of them...
A deluge of plastic waste washed over the island of Batasan in Tubigon, Bohol in the aftermath of the country's deadliest typhoon in December. The piles of debris are a grim reminder of the country's chronic marine trash problem.

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