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Carbon-locking peat is being depleted for use as fuel and to convert land for agriculture and roads. A lack of research means experts are unsure how quickly this is happening.
From sweepers to security guards, outdoor workers in Bhiwadi face a 'slow poison' from air pollution, but many are unaware.
plastic bottle recycling station China
With the official stance shifting from all-in to wait-and-see, the future of biodegradable plastic in China is uncertain.
black soldier fly
In Davao City, in the southern Philippines, a startup has introduced the use of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) to address kitchen waste.
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Australian FOGO bin
Much of the food waste Australians generate is not managed responsibly, but there are things the country can, and must, do to change that. After all, any action to get food waste out of landfills is action on climate, writes Virginia Brunton of Australian environmental consultancy firm MRA.
The rolling hills of Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park. Withdrawing from the European Union could potentially threaten the UK's natural areas.
The European Union created 80 per cent of the United Kingdom's environmental laws. So what will happen when the UK leaves the EU?
Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site in Thailand.
Each year more than 300 tonnes of processed gold are dumped in landfills. What if we could mine landfills for gold and other precious metals, ask researchers from Keele University.
US farms in drought

Food & Agriculture

Our coming food crisis

This summer the tiny town of Furnace Creek, Calif., may once again grace the nation's front pages. Situated …
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EarthFest video still
Singapore's largest sustainability festival, EarthFest, has doubled in size since it launched three years ago. Here's a highlights video that offers a glimpse of what went on.
ecovative packaging
The retail furniture giant is looking into replacing the use of polystyrene with biodegradable packaging made of mushrooms.
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refrigerated food bangkok market
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] In this first episode of the series Tomorrow's cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how cold chain can secure the future of food in the world's most populous continent.
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