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Industry Innovation in the Year of Climate Action - Eco Action Day Roundtable
As Asia pursues industrial growth, the world's fastest growing region is struggling to balance development with sustainable resource use, and ensuring that prosperity is fairly shared. This report examines the …
Partners for the Environment

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Partners for the Environment

Highlights from the Partners for the Environment conference, organised on August 1 in Singapore by the Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources, and Eco-Business.
Circular Economy Industry Roundtable: Towards a Circular Singapore
It is more critical than ever to push the boundaries of innovation and forge a new path towards a more sustainable future, and the circular economy is one idea that …
Advancing the circular economy in Asia
While the circular economy is gaining momentum in the agenda for growth in the developed world, it is also starting to make its way into developing countries in Asia.
Asian SMEs adopting sustainable consumption and production
In its promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme addresses particularly the needs, role and potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are a driving …
Sustainable development of Asia's textile and garment industry
With its significant impact on resources and environment, industrial growth, trade, employment, skills development and livelihoods, the textile industry remains a sector of utmost relevance for both developed and developing …
Planning for environmental sustainability improvements
One of the major issues companies face in driving environmental sustainability is the lack of focus. To overcome this issue, we propose a methodology based on the concept of eco-efficiency …
The 2016 Sustainability Leaders - A GlobeScan / SustainAbility survey
For SustainAbility and GlobeScan's annual Sustainability Leaders Survey, we asked over 900 expert stakeholders representing business, government, NGOs and academia across 84 countries to evaluate the progress that institutions have …
Turning collective commitment into action: Consumer Goods Forum progress towards zero deforestation
In 2010, acting on behalf of its more than 400 member companies worldwide, the board of the Consumer Goods Forum agreed a resolution on deforestation with the aim of achieving …
Small businesses in Asia can help forests and economies grow
Analysing the policy and entrepreneurial context in three landscapes across Asia, the report highlights how supporting innovative small-scale green businesses could help reverse the current trend where business incentives for …
Role of technology and innovation in inclusive and sustainable industrial development
The report addresses the challenging question of what conditions are required for structural transformation, driven by technological change, in order to drive sustained growth and inclusiveness, while avoiding environmental degradation.
Human rights in supply chains: Promoting positive practice
Many businesses lack clear strategies and processes to monitor and manage human rights risks in their supply chains, despite recent high profile violations, new research finds.
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